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The Emerging You

You cannot solve problems with the same mind that created them.  Here you will find focus, clarity, and direction.  Why go it alone?  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a short term therapy technique that can help you find new ways to behave by changing your thought patterns.  Thoughts turn to things.  Here you will get an analysis of your flawed thought patterns and fears that prevent you from getting what you want.  You will design new thought patterns to best pair with your desires.


Connect On A New Level

 Is anything more challenging than navigating a long term relationship?  Relationships are a magnifying glass on our insecurities, fears and expectations.  Discover the hidden emotions that drive your behavior in relationships.  Create new language, boundaries, and understanding of yourself and your partner.  You've tried it your way.  Jena has created a program for couples that is highly focused and goal oriented.  Jena can help you to strengthen and renew the bond that attracts you together by helping you to unwind unhealthy patterns. 


Sober Curious?

Have a desire to drink less or not at all?  Trying to control your drinking has proven frustrating?  Have a pattern you'd like to change with your drinking? Welcome to the new, positive solution that gives you freedom in your relationship with alcohol.  Allowing you to look at your drinking and habitual thinking around it in a new, fearless way.  Join the sober curious movement and find freedom in reduction (or abstinence) with support from a coach who promotes fun and self compassion on your road to recovery.   



Adult Students