Passionate about helping people create lives they love


Jena Schmidt is a change agent that takes your current life experience and helps you to transform it to be more clear, efficient and joyful.  Jena believes that if you are not loving your life, then you are stuck in a belief system that does not align with what you desire.  She will help you to dismantle your cognitive landscape, initialize affirmative thoughts and install a new system of beliefs that energetically match with your ambitions.  Since you invented your current belief system based on thoughts you assigned to events in your past, why not invent new ones that better serve you now?  Jena will help you.    
In 2005, Jena Schmidt graduated with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and completed her post graduate work in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Since 2008, Jena has been a Licensed Psychotherapist gaining clinical experience in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community mental health agencies, domestic violence crisis shelters, a college campus and in private practice.  Jena meets each client where they are at, helps them to identify issues, set specific goals and offers evidenced-based clinical interventions.  Jena is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and as an Integrative Medicine Practitioner.  
She continues to push herself out of her comfort zone to strive for a life that brings her joy.  In 2017, Jena founded the Love Your Life Wellness Center, LLC where she collaborates with healers of many different modalities to offer clients a wide range of growth opportunities.   
In addition, Jena can tune into people's unseen field to find blocks and desires that may be hidden to them.  This ability sets her apart from other clinical experts and intuitively guides her work to help you Love Your Life.